Axis Consultants Inc.

Axis Consultants, Inc. is a privately owned and operated firm in Jacksonville, FL. Founded in 2011, Axis is a fast expanding marketing firm committed to professionalism, integrity, and the development of our people. Our unique and innovative approach of marketing our clients’ products and services has allowed us huge opportunities and growth over the past years.

What We Do
We provide large Fortune 500 companies a connection to their small and medium business markets in North Florida. We use only direct marketing approaches to acquire strong, loyal customers for our clients. This allows us to present the benefits our clients provide to customers and show the value added by their services.

Our Mission
Axis Consultants, Inc. will provide a structured, effective method of training through which ambitious, motivated, and hardworking individuals can succeed both professionally and personally while having fun. We pride ourselves in the development of our people and will provide advancement opportunity to those that are dedicated to their own success.

We are committed to developing the leaders of tomorrow.

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On April 26th, Axis Consultants sponsored an event at Sneakers Bar and Grille in Jacksonville, Florida supporting Operation Smile. Our company has been working with this non-profit organization for the past three years and since we are a fun loving group, we decided to have a corn hole tournament to raise money for this amazing charity!


This was one of my first events that I got to participate in for the company. What really attracted me to this career was the fact that the company culture was not only fun loving but also team and goal oriented. We have a very ‘pay it forward’ mentality. We not only give people in the company our time and energy, we give it to people, children in fact that are less fortunate.

Operation Smile has been around for over twenty years and has helped over 200,000 children. What do they do? They provide children with cleft lip and cleft palettes with low cost surgeries to correct it. Since most of the surgeries take place in third world countries, medical care is so expensive because it is not readily available. Children suffering from facial deformities usually don’t live to reach adulthood because they end up suffering from malnutrition. Operation Smile gives these surgeries because of people like us at Axis Consultants. By donating and hosting events all in the name of Operation Smile, we are able to change children’s lives.  $240 pays for one child’s surgery.  All of the funds donated to operation smile go directly to the cost of these surgeries.


Personally, I feel that giving back is so important for us to do. We are so blessed with everything that we have and sometimes it is hard to remember that there are people who will never be able to provide themselves with what we have. In the United States, it is easier for someone to get to a trained doctor. However, in third world countries, good doctors come few and far between. By giving up a few hours of our time every month, we can accomplish big things to change someone’s life.

Our corn hole tournament ended up being quite a success. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we ended up raising $250 for Operation Smile. How cool is it that some kid will be given a legitimate opportunity because of us? Everyone had a great time, the winner got a trophy, and we gave a child another shot.

If you missed the tournament, you may still donate on behalf of Axis Consultants by visiting our Operation Smile Donation Page at:


Thank you to everyone who gave their time organizing the event and to all the people who came out to support a good cause.


Everyone has that big goal they want to shoot for. We spend time dreaming of the day we finally hit that goal, and hoping that that day will come soon. My goal and my dream is to own a Ferrari by the time I’m 35. From growing up in Atlanta and experiences in college, I’ve always appreciated some of the finer things in life, and to me that’s what a Ferrari embodies.

I’ve told many people about this goal and a lot of them have laughed at me for it. Honestly, how many people are actually able to thrown down cash for a $278,000 car, especially before they are 35. The only people that come to my mind are professional athletes and celebrities. Yet it is still my biggest dream to own it. The biggest goals, the most worthy goals require hard work and effort. During that time it’s nice to have a reminder of that goal, to remember that everything that you are doing is worth it.


This past weekend I had that reminder. With Axis consultants, I got a taste of what that goal would feel like. I got the opportunity to test drive a black Ferrari Italia 458 through a company that allows exotic cars to be driven on an open track. We traveled down to Orlando where the set up was. There were three different exotic cars set up for a test drive of four laps. They had the exact color I’d always pictured on the outside and inside interior. It was a 570-hp V-8 engine, seven-speed transmission, rear wheel drive, and goes 0-60 in 3 seconds. For those who actually know what all that means, you all know that means it is a monster of a ride. So I suited up, put the helmet on, and jumped in that car. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Axis Consultants made my dream tangible, and a growing possibility. As long as I work hard, I know I will achieve that goal. After this weekend, I’ve never been more sure and determined to achieve a goal.


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Meet our new Assistant Manager Austin Owen. Austin Owen joined Axis Consultants in March 2011. He went to Georgia State University and majored in marketing and communications. 

What do you enjoy most about Axis Consultants?

"What I enjoy most at Axis Consultants is the ability to grow and expand. They took a chance with me, helped me develop my leadership skills, time management, and helped me grow overall to the person I am today."

What do you think helped you most to get into the position you are in today?

"Selflessness, hard work, and being able to have a open communication with my co-workers. Actively helping them to achieve their goals too."image